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Lessons learned on pasture today

Today has been a productive day, which I’m thankful. Work on the farm doesn’t always go as planned or takes a lot longer than anticipated. Since we have company coming later today, I wanted to cross a few items off the to do list right away: Set up portable fence for a new paddock and move the turkey pen. Regardless of my productivity, I managed to learn a few lessons while working out in the pasture.

Here are a few things I might do a little differently next time:

  • Reapply sunscreen. I had it on, but more is always good. 
  • Apply more bug spray. Black flies are nasty. I was wearing pants and sprayed my feet and legs to deter ticks. However, more would have helped. At least I didn’t have any ticks on me.
  • When possible mow paths for portable electric fence with the brush hog, not the weed eater.  The weed eater worked great, but it just took a long time. And, with our beautiful weather, I turned into a sweaty mess.
  • Put portable paddock fence up in the late afternoon or evening when the sun is going down. 
  • Bring more water than I think I’ll need.
  • Keep rolling up portable electronet fence neatly after taking it down. I had a few tangles that tested my patience.

And, these are few tasks I’ll keep doing:

  • Keep using the gator to haul supplies.
  • The gator winch is perfect for moving the turkey pen.
  • Set up a paddock gate using the temporary fence. I crafted an insulator handle that will allow me to open the gate while it’s hot and not get zapped.
  • Use electric fence posts to help reinforce corners on the portable fence.
  • Use the stock tank for a quick splash cool down. It’s hot out there!
  • A good attitude makes everything more manageable.

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