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Proud to be a UW-River Falls #CAFESAlum #AgProud

I’ll always be a part of the ag industry. It’s just who I am. It’s what I love and it’s a way of life.  It all started when I was a freshman in high school when I took my first agriscience course in horticulture. I loved the hands on, real life application of the life sciences. I was immediately drawn to the FFA and its opportunities in leadership and career development. And from there my love of everything agriculture started to flourish.

Fast forward four years and I started college at the University of Wisconsin-River Falls studying ag marketing communications and ag business. I loved learning about the industry and laying the foundation for my knowledge and skills in ag marketing and business. Even more, I loved being around others who loved agriculture just as much as I did.

Now more than 10 years after graduating college, my education and experiences at UW-River Falls helped launch a rich and diverse career path in ag marketing communications, government relations, education and now as a producer, small business owner and, again, marketer. I’ve had the privilege to serve on the UW-River Falls College of Agriculture, Food and Environmental Sciences (CAFES) Alumni Board, as well as the University Alumni Board. I’ve enjoyed being able to give back to the University (and it’s students). These are just a few reasons why I’m proud to be a #CAFESAlum and #AgProud.

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