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Blog content planning for 2022

As the new year begins, so does a new plan and set of goals for my farm business. This year I’ve decided to set the content to my blog for the entire year. Yes, the whole year. I’m taking a nod to my old days in corporate communications and as an editor, taking a more thorough approach to planning. It’s a more thoughtful approach to providing you with more meaningful content related to goats, whether that’s about raising them, grazing them or on the marketing side.

What does this look like?

So, what does this look like? I’ve selected a content theme for each month. I’ve outlined weekly post topics for the month. Most of it follows the seasonal nature of our farm, along with other relevant topics. From there I’ll include timely content, whether that’s what’s happening on the farm, a new recipe, what I’ve learned at a conference, upcoming specials, or other behind the scenes work. Most of this other content will be planned a month out.

How does it work with social media?

How does this work with social media? Isn’t this all a lot? Not really. In fact, it’s more of a purposeful approach. Each of my blog posts will be adapted for social media. Our email newsletters work from this content as well. The blog is really the core of all our communication to our community, whether you’re a fellow farmer or simply enjoy good food.

Each month I’ll finalize my content calendar, then take one day to write most of the blog content for the month. And, then write the remaining content once a week. This last year I was doing monthly planning and weekly work. It worked well, but I’ve been finding lately I really need to get even more efficient with my time.

Planning pays off

The planning and focused work time will allow me to interact with you, as part of my community, online and in person, as well as focus in on the rest of my farm business, and not just feel like I’m on a hamster wheel with this component of the business, especially with social media.

Here’s what my content topics are for this year:

  • Regenerative agriculture
  • Business backend
  • Kidding season
  • New kid and mom care
  • Fencing
  • Grazing practices
  • Pastures for goats
  • Brush control
  • Working dogs
  • Goatober + breeding season (don’t worry, these topics don’t merge, they’ll just be covered in the same month!)
  • Preparing for winter
  • Winter feeding

If you have topics, you’d like me to cover or share more on what we’re doing, just comment below.

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