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How to Bale Graze with Goats and Sheep Guide

January 3, 2023

One of my absolute favorite things to talk about (and something I always get a lot of questions about) is bale grazing and how we make it work with our goats and sheep. Wisconsin winters bring heavy snowfall which means that at a certain point we can no longer rely on stored forage. That’s where […]


Grazing Meat Goats

Bale Grazing Sheep and Goats | Q&A Session

December 27, 2022

On this week’s Q&A session I’m answering your questions about bale grazing sheep and goats including where you can bale graze in your pasture, how to manage the quality of hay while bale grazing, and how long it takes to see results.


Grazing Meat Goats

Sheep bale grazing

Bale Grazing: The What, Why, and How

December 11, 2022

When it comes to grazing, there are so many different methods and methodologies that you can fall down a serious rabbit hole researching and trying to understand them all. And of course, that’s not factoring in the necessary switch in routine that has to happen during winter. Here in Wisconsin we get heavy snowfall during […]


Grazing Meat Goats

Can you still practice regenerative agriculture in the winter?

January 17, 2022

Yes! While it may seem like when everything goes dormant for the season, our work with the farm and the environment around us slows down. That is true, but there are ways we can prepare for winter and during the winter months that still keep the environment, in particular, soil health in mind.


Grazing Meat Goats

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