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Regenerative Agriculture Blog Series

February 2, 2022

Learn more about regenerative agriculture in this recent Blog Series


On The Farm

Livestock can help with carbon sequestration

January 24, 2022

On our farm, much like many across the region, the trend to pull livestock off the land started to happen about 60 years ago. For our farm, that noted the beginning of our oak savanna grassland no longer seeing livestock.


Grazing Meat Goats

Tips for getting started with regenerative agriculture practices

January 19, 2022

Getting started with regenerative farming or conservation practices may seem a bit daunting, especially when what you’re doing is already working or even if you’re just getting started with your farm. Where do I start?


On The Farm

Leslie Applying for a grant

Grant Writing + Other Tips Funding Sources for Your Farm

October 6, 2021

Grants can be a great tool for helping farmers take their business to the next level. But, be warned, it’s not easy money. With my most recent grant applications, I clocked in over 80 hours (likely more) of time doing planning and writing for the grants, which together were over 100 pages!


Marketing Meat Goats

Review: Book explains how to manage water on the farm for long-term resilience

July 15, 2019

As a farmer it’s hard to not think about the weather. What’s the temperature going to be? Is it going to rain? Is it going to be clear for a stretch? Will we ever get any rain? Will the rain ever stop?Our lives revolve around the weather, more specifically precipitation, otherwise known as water, our lifeline as farmers to grow crops and raise livestock.


On The Farm

Why we farm

July 23, 2015

While farm operation is my “thing,” my husband Scott is just as invested in it as I am. While farming is hard work, and not to mention, a lot of work to start a farm operation, it’s something we truly enjoy doing. Here’s a little more on why we farm:


On The Farm

Making the official start to rotational grazing

June 2, 2015

The goats are finally out on pasture with managed grazing and love it. But, it has been a lot of work to get to this point.


Grazing Meat Goats

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