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Goatober Farmer Profile: Laura and Lee Hazeltine

October 25, 2021

Meet Laura and Lee Hazeltine of Integrazers in Northern California. Integrazers is a vegetation management business, running sheep, goats and cattle. In addition to the wildfire prevention work they do with their livestock, they also market their lamb and goat meat commercially. I’ve enjoyed see the work Laura, Lee and their team of shepherds do on Instagram.


Grazing Meat Goats

Goatober Farmer Profile: Lauren Manning

October 22, 2021

Meet Lauren Manning of White Hoof Acres in Arkansas. I’ve been able to get to know Lauren through Instagram. She’s also raising meat goats, mostly-Kiko, with rotational grazing practices. I admire (and know the challenges) her work to build a low-input, resilient herd of goats. She’s also a talented writer. If you don’t follow her on Instagram, I encourage you do so.


Raising Goats

Goatober Farmer Profile: Fiona Harrar

October 19, 2021

Meet Fiona Harrar, livestock manager for Premier 1 Supplies in Iowa. I’ve gotten to know Fiona and the other farm managers at Premier 1 through Instagram. I love this equipment supplier has a working, experimental farm to test and use its products for sheep and goats. Name: Fiona Harrar Farm: Premier Experimental Farms Location: Southeast […]


Raising Goats

Cherrie Nolden with goats

Goatober Farmer Profile: Cherrie Nolden

October 7, 2021

Meet Cherrie Nolden of 1DR Acres Farm in Dodgeville, Wisconsin.

‘ve heard Cherrie speak at a meat goat producer meeting when I first was getting started raising goats, then later met her through our state-wide grazing organization, GrassWorks. There aren’t many of us in Wisconsin raising meat goats on forage alone, so it was great to connect with her. She’s a wealth of information when it comes to grazing and goats and have appreciated her willingness to share what’s she’s learned through her work with goats and research as well.


Raising Goats

Kate Estrade with goats

Goatober Farmer profile: Kate Estrade

October 4, 2021

Meet Kate Estrade, goat farmer from Rio Louisiana.


Grazing Meat Goats

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