Free Guide: How to Keep Goats in Electric Fence


A fence training guide for raising goats on pasture with
regenerative and rotational grazing practices

This 7-page comprehensive guide covers:

  • Why you should fence train goats
  • Supplies and equipment needed
  • Training paddock set up
  • Training steps
  • Tips for success
  • Frequently Asked Questions

The free fence training  guide is in a printable PDF format so it's easy to take with you and use on the farm. Or, if you're more into digital, it can be viewed on your tablet.

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When I tell people I raise goats, the first thing I almost always hear is a story about someone they know who had a goat that got out and ate mom’s prized flower garden or climbed on dad’s favorite truck.

For myself, I knew that when we were going to start raising goats, fencing was the most important thing for our farm. Once we had our perimeter fence set up, then we started rotationally grazing our pastures. This is the process of moving our goats from one small section of pasture, called a paddock, to another every few days.

To do this you need to use portable electric fence. What? Can this work with goats? You, bet it can. But it takes a little bit of training to make it happen.

owner and farmer, Cylon Rolling Acres