When you’re just getting started raising meat goats, it can sometimes get overwhelming due to the lack of resources and information available.

The meat goat industry is still very young in the U.S., as a result, there’s very little academic research, industry investment in products, little focus on government programs, and other organizations related to raising meat goats for meat. 

These resources will help you on your journey if you’re in the beginning stages of planning to raise meat goats or just getting started.

If you’ve been raising meat goats for a while, you might find my resources on Marketing Meat Goats or Grazing Goats useful.

Planning + Dreaming Or Getting Started

Here are a few resources for you, whether you're in the planning and dreaming stage, or just getting started with raising goats.

Resources and tools

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Existing farms

Here are a few resources for you, whether you're ready to add more regenerative grazing practices to your farm or learn about advanced practices

Resources and tools

Marketing Meat Goats Resources

About the resource: Learn more about marketing meat goats.

Raising Meat goats with Regenerative, rotational grazing

About the resource: Learn more about approaches to raising meat goats with rotational grazing practices to help regenerate the soil and ecosystem around your farm or ranch, while keeping the well being in mind of your goat herd.

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Goat Meat Primer e-book

About the resource: Written exclusively for farmers and ranchers who are interested in learning more about goat meat -- that is the meat itself. 

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