While the market for meat goats continues to grow, the actual process of selling your goats for meat isn’t always the easiest to navigate. There isn’t a clear go-to-market strategy.

As meat goat farmers and ranchers, we don’t have a federal check-off program like other livestock species (think beef, lamb, etc.). We have to do it all on our own on top of raising our meat goats. 

Whether you’re just getting started or have been at it for a while, these resources can help you in your own journey of marketing and selling meat goats. 

Planning + Dreaming Or Getting Started

Here are a few resources for you, whether you're in the planning and dreaming stage, or just getting started with raising goats.

Resources and tools

For the love of Goats Podcast: marketing goat Meat

Goat Meat Primer e-book

About the resource:  In the popular For the Love of Goats podcast, I share how we've grown our goat meat sales and where we are today with marketing our goat meat direct to consumers.

About the resource: Written exclusively for farmers and ranchers who are interested in learning more about goat meat -- that is the meat itself. 

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Existing farms

Here are a few resources for you, whether you're ready to add more regenerative grazing practices to your farm or learn about advanced practices

Resources and tools

20 marketing Strategies for selling your goat meat

Tool: Canva Goat Meat Marketing Templates

About the resource: Learn more about how we're raising meat goats with rotation grazing on our farm.

About the resource: These Canva Templates make it easy for you to skip doing the research and creating your own promotional materials to share the nutritional benefits of goat meat, as well as guidance on how to cook the meat. 

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Goat meat marketing academy

About the resource: Take an in-depth dive into the goat meat industry to learn more about consumer behavior and trends, production practices, meat processing, and marketing strategies. 

This course is offered annually in February.

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