Take an in-depth dive into the goat meat industry to learn more about consumer behavior and trends, production practices, meat processing, and marketing strategies. 
My signature four-week program will set the foundation for your journey in marketing your meat goats.

This course is offered annually in February.

goat meat marketing academy

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This on-demand workshop covers instruction on:
  • Considerations for getting started
  • Fencing and supplies
  • Grazing principles
  • Health and management concerns
  • Q&A replay from the live broadcast and review of resources

Raising meat Goats with Rotational Grazing On Demand Workshop

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ebook: Goat Meat Primer

a guide to understanding goat meat for farmers

What's covered in the ebook:
  • Consumer preferences and trends
  • Nose-to-tail: From the farm to the butcher, such as estimating meat yields, common cuts
  • Goat meat quality research
  • Goat meat nutrition information
  • Cooking with goat meat: Safe handling, cooking techniques
  • Other resources

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The weekly email includes new blog articles, tips, and other resources related to raising meat goats, marketing meat goats, and rotationally grazing goats.