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About Leslie

Leslie is the owner-operator of Cylon Rolling Acres, where she raises Boer-Kiko cross goats in Western Wisconsin. Taking cues from nature, Leslie uses rotational grazing and other regenerative practices on her farm. Her goal is to raise meat goats that thrive on forage alone and are resilient in a low-input system while improving the soil health and the ecosystem where the farm is situated. 

When Leslie started raising meat goats she quickly realized there were very little resources on raising this livestock species, let alone grazing them. So she took the time to figure out how to make it work on her farm. Nearly 10 years in, she’s gotten there by learning by doing, as well as adapting practices based on her peers are grazing other livestock species, attending conferences, and a lot of self study. Leslie is also one of very few goat producers who is selling goat meat directly to consumers across the country with nationwide shipping.

She’s become known for her work both grazing and marketing meat goats and sought out as a speaker for conferences, and by her peers for advice on how to raise goats in this manner. 

recognized by

  • The Nature Conservancy as a leader in conservation
  • FOX 25 48 Harvesting Heroes Recipient
  • Wisconsin Outstanding Young Farmer Finalist
  • Wisconsin Farm Bureau Excellence in Agriculture Finalist
  • Soil Health Academy School graduate
  • Blog focused on raising, grazing and marketing meat goats
  • Growing digital educational offerings: ebook, courses
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past speaking

  • Land Stewardship Project
  • GrassWorks Conference
  • Dairy Goat Academy
  • University of Wisconsin Extension state programming
  • Wisconsin Farm Bureau state conferences
  • Annie's Project
  • and others