Goat meat Nutrition Guide +
Cooking Guide Canva Templates

As meat goat farmers and ranchers we don't have access to a federal check off and marketing program unlike beef, lamb, pork, and other farmers to help us promote goat meat to consumers.

That means consumer education about goat meat lies on our shoulders on top of our usual tasks of raising and selling goats.

These Canva Templates make it easy for you to skip doing the research and creating your own promotional materials to share the nutritional benefits of goat meat, as well as guidance on how to cook the meat. 

the Canva Template Bundle

The Goat Meat Nutrition Guide - two pages with two layout options

The Canva Template Bundle Includes:

The Goat Meat Cooking Guide - two pages with two layout options

Tutorial video to show you how to access and customize your template in Canva.

bonus: Social Media Graphics Canva Templates, including 10+ graphics

Benefits of using the Canva Template Bundle

No need to research goat meat nutrition data

You're busy I get that. These templates are easy to customize for your farm or ranch  and you'll have the potential to save time and money with this investment, all while serving your customers and attracting new ones

No need to figure out how to cook different cuts of goat meat

No need to spend time designing your own materials, OR hiring a graphic designer to create them for you

Easily create the template into a PDF  Canva Templates

Formatted as an 8x11 document for easy printing at home or choose to send it to a printer

No paid software required. It uses Canva, which is easy to learn.

How to use your customized guides

Use it at in person markets, farm store, or as an insert in your customer orders

Once you've customized your Goat Meat Nutrition and Cooking Guides with your farm or ranch information, photos and other branding, the opportunities to use these marketing tools include:

Use it as a lead magnet free to guild your email list for prospected customers

Use it as a part of your general onboarding email welcome sequences

Pull parts of the content to use in your email newsletter

Note: Licensing to use the templates purchased only applies to the purchaser. It cannot be shared with others.

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