Farming is a capital and asset heavy business. It can make it tough to get a farm up and running or even expanding into a new product offering.

It takes time and more investment to step up to the marketing, distribution and logistics side. That's where grants and other creative funding sources can really be helpful for farmers, especially those who are beginning, first generation, or in the direct marketing space. 

Prior to farming, I worked for a large agribusiness where I was a writer and editor for its farmer and cooperative business magazines. I also worked directly with the corporate giving program and foundation, administering and reviewing grant and scholarship programs.

This background has served as a strong foundation for our own efforts in competing for grants as a small business and farm. We've received a wide range of grants and cost-share dollars to help give our farm a boost with equipment upgrades and marketing efforts. 

background in grant administration and reviewing

Grants for farmers - workshop opportunities

Recommended M5 Workshop:
Starting a business costs money. There are no two ways around it. This workshop teaches you how to find funding for your small business. The lessons provide valuable information on grants with in-depth specifics regarding the VAPG grant. The workshop also includes an interactive workbook that walks you through developing a business plan in addition to providing plenty of space to take notes and set goals.