RESOURCES for Raising meat goats

I receive a lot of emails, messages and calls about raising goats for meat and about how to raise goats on pasture. I'm very much appreciative of fellow goat farmers and graziers who have helped me along the way (and continue to do so).

To help reciprocate, I'm sharing my experiences, perspective and valued resources as I can. 

If you're interested in visiting the farm, I've typically hosted a pasture walk during the summer with River Country Graziers, Wisconsin Farmers Union, Women Caring for the Land or the Wisconsin Farm Bureau.

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rotational grazing

getting started

resources: the basics of getting starting raising meat goats

Basics of raising goats online class

Checklist of supplies

Goat Meat Primer eBook

FREE Electric Fence Training Guide for Goats (PDF)

Checklist of rotational grazing supplies

Pastures for goats guide

Rotational Grazing

resources: using rotational grazing + regenerative  farming practices with meat goats

Marketing opportunities 101

Marketing tools

Direct marketing resources

MArketing meat goats

resources: how to market meat goats

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Harvesting Heros Feature: Farm Overview

Harvesting Heros Feature: Farm Overview

Grazing grass podcast: grazing goats

midwest farm report: meat goat marketing

lakewinds food co-op grant: reefer trailer

rural woman podcast: raising meat goats