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Hi I'm Leslie

I'm a full-time farmer in Western Wisconsin where I raise meat goats and sheep on pasture using regenerative and rotational grazing practices.

I created this website because
I had so many people reaching out, both locally and beyond, wanting to know more about how I was raising and marketing goats.

I also recognized that it IS so hard to find information in this space. I wanted to share what I've learned along the way and reduce your time searching the depths of the internet.


Grazing our hayfield and the surrounding woods

We’ve been giving our pastures a break over the last few weeks to let the grasses, legumes and forbes time to recover and to help reduce future parasite issues.

So where are we grazing our goats and sheep right now? They’ve been grazing our hayfields and surrounding woods.

Learn more about this project in the video below.

Video: See how this project is working

Benefits to grazing our hayfield

  • Provide uniform distribution of natural fertilizer and animal impact on the land, improving the quality of our soil
  • Longer rest and recovery period on our pastures for better regrowth and reduction of parasite issues
  • Ability to use our pastures into late fall, early winter with an extended grazing season, but still have access to permanent fencing infrastructure
  • Reduce brush and invasive species encroachment along the borders of our hayfield. In the future we’ll be able to more easily take down the old barbed wire fence
  1. Alan Henning says:

    Are you doing any work with virtual fencing?

    • Leslie Svacina says:

      No not yet, but I am watching how the trials in the U.S. are going with small ruminants. I’m hoping to implement / try it out as the tech gets worked out, hopefully in the next year or so!

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