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Hi I'm Leslie

I'm a full-time farmer in Western Wisconsin where I raise meat goats and sheep on pasture using regenerative and rotational grazing practices.

I created this website because
I had so many people reaching out, both locally and beyond, wanting to know more about how I was raising and marketing goats.

I also recognized that it IS so hard to find information in this space. I wanted to share what I've learned along the way and reduce your time searching the depths of the internet.


How to keep goats in a fence

Keeping goats in a fence is a common concern with many farmers, ranchers and homesteaders. Goats have a bad reputation for easily getting out of fences or their pens.

In fact, one of the most common questions I get on a regular basis is, “How do I train goats to electric fence?” I can tell you that goats can be trained to respect electric fence and it doesn’t have to be complicated.

Electric fence can be effectively used with goats, but you’ll need to do a little work up front to make sure you’re able to keep your goats in a fence.

How to train goats to electric fencing

In order to more easily raise our goats on pasture I knew it was important to have the goats respect the electric fence so they didn’t get out. Each spring before we start rotational grazing on our farm we go through a fence training process (or refresher for our older goats).

Once the electric fence training process is complete with the goats, the most important factors to follow to make sure your goats stay in the fence is:

  • Always keep the fence on and HOT
  • Make sure you’re using an energizer that is hot enough for goats
  • Always make sure they have enough forage to eat in their paddock
  • And, don’t forget to train them!

Free electric fence training guide for goats

I know the idea of how to keep your goats in a fence is a concern for so many, which is why I put together this Electric Fence Training Guide for Goats. It’s intended to be a guide to walk you through the training process with electric fence and what you need to know to get those goats trained.

Once your goats are trained, they will respect the electric fence and you’ll be ready to raise them on pasture with regenerative grazing practices.

This 7-page comprehensive guide includes:

  • Why you should fence train goats
  • Supplies and equipment needed
  • Training paddock set up
  • Training steps
  • Tips for success
  • Frequently Asked Questions

Video: Electric fence training for goats

My favorite electric fence brands for goats

Blog first published May 2022.

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