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Hi I'm Leslie

I'm a full-time farmer in Western Wisconsin where I raise meat goats and sheep on pasture using regenerative and rotational grazing practices.

I created this website because
I had so many people reaching out, both locally and beyond, wanting to know more about how I was raising and marketing goats.

I also recognized that it IS so hard to find information in this space. I wanted to share what I've learned along the way and reduce your time searching the depths of the internet.


Using an auto feeder with bottle baby goats

Here’s a quick rundown on how our lamb and kid auto feeder works. We have a Lac Tek II from Biotic. We had purchased it when we were originally feeding male dairy buck kids. Since that time we’ve phased out of that part of our farm and have been focusing on our meat breed herd. It still has come in handy for any doe that might have triplets or quads. We have the option to easily feed those kids with the feeder system.

Quick notes some of the benefits of using the auto feeder over a traditional bottle feeding system:
✔️ eat on demand like they would with mom, much less stressful
✔️ growth rate is fast!
✔️ potential to be weaned at 30 days (not saying this is a substitution to dam raised)
✔️ good option for triplets, quads and kids/lambs whose moms reject them or can’t handle more than two
✔️ easier on the farmer for time

The feeder comes in several sizes, we have the largest size. It can be purchased directly from Biotic or from Premier 1 Supplies.

Here are a couple videos explaining how it works:

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